Father Theo

Human Cleric of the Saint Lokena's Chapel


Father Theo is a little taller than average with medium, solid build but very thin and has sickly light-pale skin. He has diamond-shape face, light brown, deep-set eyes, arched eyebrows, a sharp nose and full lips that reveal bright, white teeth (obviously through a prestidigitation spell or potion). His hair is black, greasy and neatly combed; fashioned in a a monk’s tonsure.


Father Theo is a beloved member of the Keep’s community and it’s only magic caster. He is enthusiastic about his abilities as a caster, constantly bragging and showing off his power. He is known for his religious devotion and generosity as witnessed by the adventurers. He lends them his cart and offers his cleric services when he hears they are going to the Caves of Chaos.

Father Theo

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