Bailiff Ahfril Jerard

Human Court Official assigned to the Keep


Bailiff Ahfril is of average height, small-boned build and slightly overweight with flushed olive skin. He has heart-shape face, high forehead, sunken cheeks, green, squinty eyes, dark eyebrows, a bulbous nose and a rosebud mouth. His hair is black and messy.


He is the current law at the Keep, informing the adventurers to the troubles surrounding the Keep. He is upbeat yet frank, eager to settle his objectives as he quickly contracts the adventurers to putting down more magical traps on and around the peaks upon which the Keep sits. It is obvious from his dress and office that he lives more opulently than the rest of the citizens in the settlement as he offers Aust Prideroar suite in his tower.

Bailiff Ahfril Jerard

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