Tales from the Known World

The Lore of the Trade Road

Summary of Episode 1


Last week, after a grueling seven days in the woods with each other, our heroes, Hammond Nalo, Bril Broadfoot and Aust Prideroar came upon THE KEEP AT THE BORDERLANDS, a destitute and heavily guarded settlement that rests upon a tabletop mountain in Atlan Tepe Mountain region in northern Karameikos. They find entry difficult until they barter their services to a simple but proud constable. Hope for a quick departure seems lost as caravans mysteriously miss their scheduled arrivals and the danger of invisible creatures outside the Keep’s protection are apparent.

Hamond, the human fighter, meets Sindri, a gnome bard, that may possess powers beyond simple Hamond’s scope. Aust, the high elf wizard, meets Theo a human cleric, the only other caster in the Keep. And finally, Bril, the halfling rogue whose gambling problems have surprisingly served him well this go around, wins the heroes a draft horse and a map to the CAAAVEES OF CHAAAOOSS! There is hope for riches yet (and a way out of this place)!

This week, our heroes head west (with Theo who they begrudgingly recruited in exchange for his wooden cart) to discover what secrets lie in the CAVES OF CHAOS!


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